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             ***New Flies***

Flara Dun
I’ve tied and fished this no-hackle mayfly dun imitation for a few seasons now and it’s a winner for selective trout on difficult waters. The Flara Dun is tied Comparadun-style with a wing flared in a 180-degree arc to help stabilize the fly upright, but I substitute dun Para Post Wing synthetic wing material for the traditional deer hair wing. Compared to deer hair, this Watershed-treated wing material has excellent color and translucency and great flaring properties. Unlike deer hair, it easily locks in an upright position and stays upright through extended fishing. This wing is also stiffer than deer hair for better support on the water. The Flara Dun is tough and extremely versatile; I can tie it to match any mayfly color or size, including very small duns. Available with split hackle tail or Sparkle Dun-style trailing shuck.  Available in sizes 12 to 22. Choose any body color you wish (BWO, PMD, Mahogany, etc.)
Flara Dun - Specify: fly size, body color, and split hackle tail or trailing shuck……...ea. $1.75

Beadhead Midge Dropper
This fly has transformed my nymphing success on some western rivers, particularly the Madison. It’s small enough to look natural in the drift, but flashy enough to grab the attention of trout, even in turbulent flows. On western rivers I usually fish it as the point fly on a 2-nymph rig. On small spring creeks I fish it as a single nymph with a buoyant foam indicator to regulate depth. The abdomen is gold and black Krystal Flash wound around the hook and ribbed with black Ultrawire. The thorax is peacock herl. The head has a nickel bead with a protruding tuft of white Antron.
Beadhead Midge Dropper – sz. 14, ­16………………….…………………….ea. $1.85

Splat Cricket
A cricket is a great terrestrial for low light and damp weather—periods when they’re more active than hoppers. Plus, fish see far fewer cricket imitations, so they’re less suspicious. This is a squat, chunky, all-black modification of my Distress Hopper pattern. Tied with a deerhair head, foam body, moose tail, and hen saddle overwing.
Splat Cricket – sz. 8, 10………………………….……………………………….ea. $2.25