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         ***Hot Fly Options***

Conehead Soft-Hackle Buggers
I usually fish my Soft-Hackle Bugger topped with a copper conehead to provide a fast vertical drop—often a critical advantage. The added flash is a great attractant in low-light or dirty water, common conditions for prospecting with a bugger. See catalog for size and color options.

Distress Hopper (New Color Option)
The Distress Hopper has great fishing properties (see catalog for full description). From Midwestern spring creeks to Western rivers, it’s the only hopper I fish. I’m now offering the fly with a green foam body segmented with yellow floss (the standard version has a yellow foam body). On many fisheries, a hopper with a subdued body color is taken more confidently by trout. See catalog for size options. Specify green ribbed body if you prefer.

Beadhead Pheasant Tail Midge
Several years back I found that adding a tiny 1/16” copper beadhead to the PT Midge turned it over on the drift resulting in a high percentage of solid hookups in the upper snout. The added flash also increases strike rates. The Beadhead PT Midge tied with black pheasant tail is my pet micro-nymph for western tailwaters (it tears up the Bighorn). On spring creeks I often use it to tease pods of inactive fish. See catalog for size and color options.

Bullet-Nose Deerhair Diver (New Color Options)
A long bullet-nose and thick, rigid collar provide superior diving power and commotion. One session on the water and you’ll be sold. In addition to colors listed in catalog, I’ll custom tie many other colors, including two-tone colors (white&green,.black&red, etc.). Tail colors and materials can also be customized. My ‘wounded baitfish’ version has natural deer hair head with green insets and flesh-colored fur strip tail with silver flash. See catalog for size options.